Wednesday, October 3, 2012


I just had my third potluck in three weeks today! Boy... I was already scratching my head on what to bring for my second potluck, let alone the third one! I actually put up on my Instagram about what to bring for my second potluck, and I got suggestions like chicken and mushroom pie, apple pie, pizza, cinnamon pulled apart bread... and even red velvet cake. One friend actually suggested an empty tummy, haha... that need not be reminded! 
I was once told that everyone will bring their best cooked dish during potluck so that they can show off their cooking skills. Haha... Somehow I doubt the concept applied to me, coz I surely do not have any best cooked dish. You see... I don't even consider myself a cook, coz most of the time, I cook only for myself and Mr Husband. And I normally prepare my cookings according to what are available in my pantry, freezer & fridge. More often than not, I would end up preparing a non Malaysian dish for potluck coz to me, they are the easiest. I've done cold potato salad, coleslaw, mushroom soup, shepherd's pie (twice), eggless caramel pudding and savoury muffins before. The only time I cooked a Malaysian dish (Laksa Sarawak) was when the said potluck was organised at my (then) place over a year ago. 
So, last night, after reaching home slightly before 8 pm, I performed my Maghrib solat, did my daily ritual of Quran reciting, followed by Isya' prayer, and I still couldn't decide on what to bring for the potluck today. Then, slightly after 10 pm, I went into my kitchen & started to prepare for the filling of my version of a chicken pie. Luckily I had frozen puff pastry blocks that I just bought on Sunday. Boy, that really came handy, coz I was not too keen to sleep late just to prepare my own pie crust! So, at the end... chicken pie was ready just before midnight. 
This morning, after Subuh prayer, I heated  up the chicken pie again, and suddenly, I had the urge to prepare another dish for the potluck: apple crumble! Haha... I prepared apple crumble in a jiffy, and off it went into my oven slightly before 7.15 am. I went into my room to make up my bed & went back into the kitchen to the smell of something burning! Owh no! Not my apple crumble! It turned out to be the wheat germ that I sprinkled on top of my crumble was burning at 180 degree C!!! I needed to make a quick fix, as Mr Husband would be ready in no time (He sent me to the office daily), so I spooned out the burnt wheat germ and lower down the temperature. Alhamdulillah, it turned out OK.
So here are my contribution to today's potluck:

Chicken pie & almost burnt apple crumble
Second potluck: Savoury muffins
First potluck: Shepherd pies
C'est la vie!


  1. Salam Dr. KB!!!! Jeles tgok Dr. KB salu masak western yang comel2. Kekadang bai saja je tunjuk kat hubby gambar masakan yang Dr. KB dan Ezanee salu letak kat FB tuh. Pastu tanya dia nak makan ke masakan macam ni, pahtu dia geleng2 kepala pahtu ntah bebel2 dlm bahasa terengganu dia tuh (yg bai tak faham!!!!). Ha...ha...ha...

    Tapi bai plan jugak nak masak red velvet cake nanti pas raya haji...yea...yea...

  2. Salam Bai. Husband Bai x ske mkn Western food ke? Husband saya pon x ske sgt, tp dah kene paksa dgn bini dia nak buat cemana? Tp kalau dah bg siap2 yg saya nak masak pasta, cepat2 dia suruh tukar something else. Hehe.

    Saya dah buat red velvet 2 kali. The 1st one, tak ske sgt. Could be the recipe. 2nd one, Alhamdulillah kena dgn tekak saya ;)

    1. W'salam Dr. KB

      A'ah..dia tak suker. Tahap pasta pun tak boleh masuk!!!. Kek plak kalo Cheese jek dia boleh makan. Hari tu buat pavlova pun dia tak mkn sgt.

      Husbang bai xleh paksa coz kalo dia tak suker, dia pun melenggang kuar umah g makan kat kedai mamak kat bawah.

      Tak sabar nak masak kek red valvet lepas raya haji nanti nih...:)