Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My other half

For my 2nd post, I would like to write on my other half, my husband, Mr AHAH (it's his acronym, I didn't choose AHAH for any other reason!). When I put up this blog, I've already planned a post on my other half as one of my entries as he's the reason why my blog title is 'My life in Pengkalan Chepa'. Should he not be transferred to Pengkalan Chepa, I wouldn't be in Kelantan at all, and this blog might not be materialised @ it would have been named something else. Should he not be transferred to Pengkalan Chepa, I would have still stuck where I was unhappily working. Oh, dear... don't even want to start on that! 
As I was formulating what to write about my other half, I was thinking to myself, why the spouse is called 'the other half'? Taking an example of my own self, Mr AHAH & I are different in built, background, thinking & fields of interest. Shouldn't it be if we say the other half, he/she would be exactly the same as us since we are divided into two & hence 'the other half''? But with Mr AHAH, where he is a calm, slow & steady person, I'm the Queen of 'kelam-kabut'; while he does not mind messiness, I am the total opposite, though not to the point of suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder! While my actions are often ruled by my heart, he weighs options analytically; while he reads, as a hobby, all academic stuff, be it blogs, books, magazines, I digress, as my (previous & future) work demands me to read up facts & academic stuffs daily! We are totally 2 different persons on the opposite poles!
In my opinion, the correct term to describe Mr AHAH & I would be 'complement', and yes, complement that is defined by as a) Something that completes, makes up a whole, or brings to perfection, b) The quantity or number needed to make up a whole, or c) Either of two parts that complete the whole or mutually complete each other, NOT complement as in the blood serum protein thingy! But being different & complementing each other do not stop us from sharing & having the SAME a) faith of Islam, b) value in life, c) love towards each other, d) mutual respect for each other, e) purposes in life & afterlife, f) goals in our marriage, and g) motivation to bring out the best of each other. So, casting the differences aside, Mr AHAH & I are actually, er... the same? And, he is, therefore, MY other half! ;D 
C'est la vie!

Mr AHAH, my other half  & complement, at Masjid Al-Taqwa, Mirrabooka, Western Australia, circa 2009.

Monday, September 26, 2011

My 1st

I finally made it! A blog of my own... been contemplating of having one for ages, only today do I have the 'courage', time & determination to actually register a blog of my own. Been a blog-hopper since 2005 (I think) & been a silent readers of sooo many blogs, that I've lost count of them ;) Some of the blogs that I religiously read years back has now defunct. Some has been privatised. Some are still alive & kicking.
The very reason that's holding me back from having my own blog years back is because I'm not too sure of what to write. Some of the bloggers that I follow write about their experiences living abroad, but I'm right smack in Malaysia. Some blog about their experiences with their kid(s), but I have yet to have a kid, let alone kids! Some share their recipes & put up wonderful yummylicious images of the food they cooked, but I cook ordinary food & I don't cook daily & I cook something that I termed as 'extra ordinary' only whenever my 'hardworking' gene is being highly activated ;) (And mind you, that gene is not activated on daily basis!). Some parade their branded & luxury handbags, wardrobe & lifestyle, but I have no LVs nor Gucci, let alone an Hermes & a Prada! Some pour their heart & soul over problems, tragedies @ life ups & down, but I'm a bit sceptical about whether other people are actually interested on my life dramas. Some bloggers could even be a novel author @ a humour writer @ even a satirical contributor, but I'm not too sure about my writing capability, vocabulary capacity & my language proficiency. Some just tell stories of their life, be it mundane, euphoric, extraordinary, exciting, sad or even common. Hmm... may be that's what I should do: just tell stories of my life, no matter how mundane it is, it is a day of my life! So, be it! I'll just write & share what I deemed fit for my blog ;)
C'est la vie!