Thursday, September 20, 2012

I survived a year without TV!

Yes! You read the title correctly... It has been more than a year since I have a television set at home. 
When we first moved (Well, Mr Husband moved first) to Kelantan, we took only our clothing with us. Then, when I came after my resignation, I brought along more clothes and some pots, pans and dinner sets just enough for our usage. We fitted in all the stuffs into the two cars that we had, so bringing along our television set was never a priority. Every time we took our car for our journey to the West, the car boot & back seat would ALWAYS full of more clothes and dinner sets, kitchen racks and knick-knacks, and other whatnots, but still not the TV. And mind you, our TV is not a 41" flat screen with the home theatre kind of thing, it's just (I think...) a 26" box! 
Mr Husband was never a fan of the idiot box. His life revolves around books, and with the evolution of internet & cyberspace, he spend most of his free time online. I, on the other hand, is a lukewarm TV watcher (As if there's such a description!) Well, I'm not a TV addict nor am a TV hater. I do watch the TV occasionally when there's a good show/ serial/ telemovie. 
I remember when the serial Nur Kasih was on show back in 2009 & on the day when the last episode was scheduled to air, my TV conveniently went kaput in the morning! I was actually on MC, recuperating from a very bad chicken pox at that time, but I hauled Mr Husband to Jaya Jusco Taman Maluri after Friday solat to get myself a new TV.  When I got home, I  set the TV up on my own, and I, together with what could be almost the whole nation, managed to see Adam and Nur Amina live happily ever after. Hahaha... Well, how could I missed the last episode after watching all the prior episodes religiously? But, one thing I must confess, I haven't even watch Nur Kasih The Movie... until today! 

So, how did I live without TV for the past one year? 
When I came here 'permanently' last year, it was 2 days before the holy month of Ramadhan. So, I filled up my time with things that Muslims normally do during Ramadhan. Watching TV was probably the last thing I had in mind back then. After Ramadhan, I started my contract as a postdoc. Since I'm involved with new field of subject for my postdoctoral project, I had to read a lot to catch up. So, again, watching TV was not a priority. But, I got hooked and addicted to the internet, in the form of Facebook (shame on me!) and blog hopping (shame on me twice!). So, there you go, internet keeps me sane! 
Some time earlier this year, I picked up a hobby of reading the Malay novels. So, ever since, most of my free time: while waiting for my husband to pick me up at the office... after doing all the household chores during the weekend... before I go to sleep at night... I read. Other than experimenting new recipes, facebooking, blog hopping, of course! And lately, I've got another passion that is online-related (Duhhhh!): Instagram-ing. It is sooo addictive that I now snapped photos anywhere, anytime, to the horror and chagrin of Mr Husband! Hehe...
A friend of mine with 3 growing kids and an infant also had survived a year without TV. She removed the idiot box from her home when she realised that she need to organise her children activities according to the TV shows that they were watching. She has since managed to get her children to be more disciplined, organised and they are able have more time to do more meaningful family activities.  Another friend of mine also recited almost the same tale. Her colleagues at her previous office, now play educational games with her children instead of being glued to the couch in front of the TV.
When I put up the status that I survived a year without TV on my Facebook, a number of friends responded in disbelief. I know, who wouldn't? Even I was (and still am) surprised that I have survived this long! What started as something unintentional, has gone a long way... albeit not deliberately. But, I can surely say that, even without the idiot box, my life has been enriched, fulfilled and complacent, nonetheless.

C'est la vie!

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